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Questions To Ask A Roofer Before Hiring Them

Are you planning to hire a roofer to fix or install your roof? You can’t afford to hand over the work to just anyone. Your home’s roof is the most important part of your house, and you don’t want it to collapse on your head. Preparing a few questions for the roofer is advised to ensure that professionals are doing the work. Here is what you should ask.

What To Ask A Roofer?

Your home is your necessary asset, which you take complete care of. No matter if it’s an external or internal renovation or a simple installation. It’s your right to ask about them and the company they belong to.   

How Many Years Have You Been in the Roofing Field? 

Even when a person shows up for a job interview, the first thing that is asked is the amount of experience the candidate has. Similarly, a roofer’s experience also matters. You will never want to give the responsibility of your house to an amateur worker. Will you? 

The more years or older the company, the better the results, but there are start-up companies, too. This doesn’t mean they don’t know the work. It is very much possible that the new firm has hired the best in the game. 

Do You Have A Licence? 

Remember that licenses and codes vary from state to state. However, many states demand that roofing contractors be licensed in the region where they work. Their license will put your mind at ease that the company is reputable. If issues hinder your path, you can take the legal course, too.  

Will You Conduct An Inspection of My Roof? 

When planning to replace your roof with a new material, you will want to address primary concerns on the spot. Therefore, ask the roofer if they want to inspect the attic to see spaces for leakages, moisture level, and ventilation of the roof to check what else can be done. If the roofer identifies the errors, then move ahead, asking what can be done to solve the issues. 

Will You Provide An Estimated Written Detail? 

You are paying for the job, so it is your right to see how much the roofer will charge you. Ask him or the company to provide you with a written estimate to see the breakdown of the entire cost. This will also give you some room for negotiation.

How Much Time Will The Project Take To Complete?

Another vital question to ask the contractor is how long the roof will take to get installed. They won’t be able to tell you the exact date and time, but just a rough guess. However, this will help you plan your schedule.

Will My Old Roof Be Removed?

Before installing a new roof, companies sometimes briefly examine the existing one. Still, instead of removing the layer, they only add it with a faulty shingle, which might carry damages you weren’t even aware of. Therefore, ask them if the old roof will be removed, and if not, then look into the previous ones for flaws, as you don’t want more damage. 

Roof Replacement & Installation With Alligator Roofing

Especially with something as sensitive as your roofing, you don’t want to leave the installation to chance. The contractors you choose need to be both knowledgeable and experienced in the field, and you’ll find both of these traits in spades with Alligator Roofing! We’ll ensure that you’re never in the dark regarding any part of our process, providing your Florida home with the roofing materials that best suit its needs. Contact us today to give your property’s roof an upgrade!

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