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Choosing The Right Roofing Material for Florida Homes

For Floridians living with hurricanes and storms, it is not unusual to ask about the best roofing material. The state is recognized for its severe weather conditions. Therefore, citizens must ensure that their roofing material is compatible with heat and thunderstorms to avoid damage. So, let’s see which roofing material is the best for homes in Florida.

Which Roof Material Should Be Chosen To Protect Homes or Offices?  

Three roofing materials are available in Florida, and it is essential to know which part of the architecture is constructed by each. They are asphalt, concrete or clay tiles, and metal. 


The number one on the list is Asphalt. When you visit Florida, you will observe this material on the roofs of the majority of the houses. Why? Citizens prefer asphalt because of its cost-effective factor. The element doesn’t demand a fortune to be invested in its installment. 

There are two types of asphalt shingles: cellulose and fiberglass.

Furthermore, if we have a look at the quality of the shingles then there are three kinds:


These are the most expensive and thickest ones. They consist of three layers, giving your roof slate a look and adding to its elegant appearance. 


Strip carries only one layer, making it the cheapest and most lightweight asphalt.  

Dimensional shingles 

Dimensional shingles are sturdier and thicker. Their thickness makes them similar to wood shakes. 

You will be impressed to know that asphalt has a life of 20 to 30 years, and it comes with the setback of losing its firmness to the harsh winds if not fixed properly. Hammer them well to align with the structure. 

Clay and Concrete Tiles 

The clay and concrete tiles stand out as imperishable because they are wind-resistant. For Floridian homes, it is necessary to have a roofing material that can combat extreme weather situations.  

Safe on Rainy Days 

These don’t absorb water, so there is no need to take tension on rainy days. You don’t have to worry that the roof will start leaking and you would have to run back and forth to get the roof repaired. 

Scorching Heat 

On scorching days, the sun won’t bother you by cracking or damaging your property. 

It’s Too Windy 

Clay and concrete tiles are prepared for all kinds of weather. Even when it becomes too windy, the roof will be intact, and you will feel proud of your decision. 

Fire? What Fire?

We all live in an era where accidents break, and fire destroys property and land. But the good news is the tiles are fire resistant. 

Metal Tiles

It is light in weight and does not require heavy-duty frames to keep it intact. The installation is easy for the following reasons:

Available in Colours 

Oh yes, you can even change the roof’s look, as it is available in various colors and shapes.

Adaptable with Architectural Style

People do become doubtful that the roof material adapts or blends with the architectural style easily. Well, clear your confusion as metal gels are in well. 

High Heat Reflectance Potential  

Metal roof has a high heat reflectance potential as it does not permit heat inside the house.

Keeps You Warm in Winter 

We all prefer cozy interiors in Winter, right? A metal roof does what is needed by keeping you warm in the season. 

Contact Alligator Roofing For High-Quality Roofing Materials in Florida

It is very important for Floridians to choose the sturdiest roof material according to their budget, as the weather is unexpected in Florida. If you need assistance in roof installation, contact Alligator Roofing to be put in the best possible hands!

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