Common Roofing Problems & What To Do About Them

In most cases, roofs are built to last, with tough and durable materials. However, despite our best wishes, roofs can show signs of age and deterioration over the course of time, like many other parts of your home’s exterior. While roofing problems can come in many different forms, there are a number of issues that are commonly experienced among homeowners, which is the precise focus of today’s blog. Keep reading below to learn more about common roofing problems, and what you can do to treat them and restore your roof to its peak functionality.

Missing Shingles

Shingles make up the outermost part of your roof and they help keep your it protected from the elements. While they serve an important purpose, shingles can often fall victim to the elements and go missing entirely. In fact, missing shingles are one of the most common signs of damage to your roof.

What to Do:

It’s ideal to get in touch with a contractor that can replace your shingles as soon as possible

Damaged Shingles

While not as severe as missing shingles, damaged shingles are not something that you’ll want to overlook. Shingle damage can manifest in a number of ways – for instance – your shingle(s) may become cracked, buckled, or curled.

What to Do:

Replace your damaged shingles with new ones as soon as you can. A trustworthy contractor will be able to replace your damaged shingles and install new ones.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a thin layer of metal that helps to keep water from flowing into your roof. Often, it can be found around the perimeter of your chimney or other structures that protrude from your roof. Over the course of time, flashing can show signs of wear-and-tear, warranting repair or replacement.

What to Do: 

You’ll want to get in touch with a professional team who can be trusted to install new flashing.

Gutter Problems

Arguably, no roofing system is complete without the presence of strong gutters. It’s for this reason that, when you notice signs that your gutters are damaged or faulty, you’ll want to be proactive and treat the issues.

What to Do: 

Get in touch with a professional gutter repair team as soon as possible. Fixing gutters can be a laborious and potentially dangerous task, so it’s best to put the job in the hands of professionals.


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